Our company, “Glend Travel” is an experienced full-service travel agency located in Tbilisi Georgia. We, specialize in travel to Georgia and provide various popular tours around in the country. Our highly-trained, qualified staff, has traveled extensively throughout the Republic of Georgia. The knowledge, experience, hospitality, and personal touch, that we bring, will help to ensure an enjoyable, satisfying and unforgettable vacation experience for the best price!
Whether it is for the business trip, or family vacation and whatever your destination in Georgia, we’re with you from the very beginning to the very end of your trip to Georgia. Georgians believe that “the guest is sent by the God’ That’s why Your satisfaction is our number one priority! and remember “Better to see something once, than hear about it a thousand times.”

Georgia is country of diversity and it is impossible to fit everything in packages.

Please note, we are working on custom designed tours as well and tours can be modified upon client’s request.

    Also we do outbound tours and offer to our customers to travel in various countries from Georgia.


Frequently Asked Question

Q: Where are you located in Georgia?

A. We located in Tbilisi, Capital city of Georgia.

Q:When should I make my booking?

A.  As soon as you make sure which dates you wish to travel, you must make your reservation a minimum 14 days (2 weeks) before the tour day.

Q:.What is included in the price of my tour?

A: The price of your tour includes:

  • The tour guide.
  • Tour transportation.
  • Meet and greet at the airport.

All prices are quoted in US dollars.

Q. I am ready to book - what do I do?

A. Call +995 591 75 55 95 or contact us by e-mail. info@glendtravel.com 

1. Full passenger names, as per your passport or identification document issued by any government.
2. Dates you wish to travel and how long you want to stay.
3. Contact number.

Q. Booking and Cancellation?

Client must pay 30% of full price and we need to receive payment minimum  10 days  before arriving and we need to receive full amount minimum  48 hours before arriving.

Cancelation  over 10 days before arriving, the refund 100% of full amount.

Cancelation  within 10 days before arriving, the refund 70% of full amount.

Cancelation within 1 week before arriving, the refund 40% of full amount.

Cancelation within 48 hours before arriving, the refund 0% of full amount.

Cancelation can be any reason from client’s side with notice(email,phone).  Cancelation will be automaticly with any late payment to Glend Travel.

Q. Do you provide travel insurance?

A. We are Not the travel insurance company.

.We Don’t cover your injuries on your trip time,but we can deal with your insurance directly if you have and you will get everything in Georgia, without long phone calls and  ”head ache” for you.
.We Don’t cover your losses in your trip time.
.We Don’t cover your damages in your trip time.

Q. Does tour prices includes VAT?

A. All tour prices includes VAT.